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“The Amazing Liquid Chalk markers are the best quality ones I have ever used. I own and run a busy hotel and I am always updating our entertainment board. I love the fact you can read the bright bold text from a distance. These markers flow nicely and are fun to use!”


Owner, OCI

Premium Quality Fibre Tips

Large 15mm Tip For Bold Text And Design

Premium quality fibre tips and ink from Japan. The 15mm tip allows for thick bold strokes. Use the tip on the narrow end for smaller lines and the top edge for fine lines.

Menu Board Text

Text For Menu Boards

Perfect for menu boards, mirrors, shiny acrylic surfaces, windows and all hard non-porous surfaces. Create bold text and designs that really get attention.

Variety Of Lines From One Tip

There is no need to use assorted sized pens to get a variety of line sizes. With the 15mm parallel quality tip you can create variation in the marks by using different parts and angles of the tip.

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15mm Premium Quality Tips


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